jeudi 29 mars 2012

The Aquabats SUPER SHOW!

Worked on the animated part for the serie "Aquabats super Show" for Cartoon Saloon; 13 episodes.

Layouts from Miki, lead Lily, thanks to all the team, you rock.

Just Dance Japan

Worked on backgrounds for this game, exept some songs.

Bolo Balls

Concepts for the advertising "Bolo Balls " for Panzani , with the studio Chez Eddy

Bnp Paribas

Background done in the studio Chez Eddy for a short for Bnp Paribas (not as lead background)

Graduation movie: Trois petits points

Made with Lucrece Andreae, Remy Shaepmann, Florian Parrot, Ornelie Prioul and Tracy Nowocien

Opening for the festival Aniwow In Beijing: le Mobile

Watch the movie THIS WAY!


Opening for annecy realised with Nuno Alves Rodrigues, Oussama Bouacheria, Ulysse Malassagne and Aymeric Kevin.